LITIGORAS main resources are of intellectual nature, mostly involving people. Members or collaborators LITIGORAS must meet the following requirements, in addition to direct and long-term involvement:

  • is a legal counsel, lawyer, notary public, judge, prosecutor, court clerk, assistant magistrate, bailiff, officer of court, police officer, mediator, legal expert, law student or law graduate;
  • is not a member of any political party or a political campaigning organization;
  • is not a servant, employee, or paid employee, advisor, and the like in a state institution or under any legal entity controlled by the state, other than as above;
  • the notary public, lawyer, legal counsel, officer of court, mediator and legal expert does not hold position in the management bodies of the wider profession;
  • satisfies conditions of worthiness and morality;
  • has not worked with security for people born before 01.01.1975 .

Currently working in LITIGORAS, in alphabetical order :

  • Ioana Ginara, born in 1990 , lawyer pertaining to Constanta Bar Association;
  • Stelian -Cristian Ion, born in 1977, lawyer pertaining to Constanta Bar Association;
  • Viorel Papu, born in 1981 , lawyer pertaining to Constanta Bar Association;