In judicial field, LITIGORAS has the following goals:

  • to formulate and support proposals, applications and petitions to the institutions and authorities for purpose of good judicial administration of justice both in favor and in favor of magistrates other participants in civil /criminal trials;
  • to conduct surveys on the quality of justice among judges, lawyers, court clerks and any other person involved;
  • to advocate for increasing the number of judges, prosecutors and support staff;
  • to advocate for change in the way prosecutors are appointed to leadership positions at the General Prosecutor, the National Anticorruption Directorate and the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism, in order to be appointed to these functions through competition or election by other prosecutors;
  • to carry out steps in order to change the political appointment of judges of the Constitutional Court , following that they are chosen by professionals involved in the administration of justice ;
  • to advocate for increased comfort in working spaces for judges, prosecutors and support staff ;
  • to perform all steps to increase the importance and role of  lawyers in order to ensure justice and efficiency including the fundamental right of defence, and also the role of other professionals involved in justice;
  • generally, any steps to a more efficient judicial system in Romania.