LITIGORAS is an NGO which was established in early 2014 from the overbearing need to streamline the Romanian judicial system. The apparent inability of all trial participants to change for the better the course of justice is determined by lack of will and cohesion. As an efficient administration of justice requires vision and determination, Litigoras will begin its strive to lead all participants of the justice process to become involved actively, bluntly and on the long-term for a competent, effective, independent, strong and impartial justice.

LITIGORAS goal is to improve the Romanian judicial system by helping judicial authorities and people working in this area by means of petition, through legal literacy, by proposing amendments to the Constitution and other laws and by any other means;

LITIGORAS will not provide legal advice or anything similiar to this, shall represent / assist, respectively no member or employee shall represent / assist in this capacity any person or entity in any process , regardless of the nature of the dispute.

However, LITIGORAS will stand trial as any other person with legal capacity when trial object involves its goal, including intervention requests in the interest of those in dispute when it comes to public and not private interests.